How to Pack Your Kiddo for Summer Camp

Packing for summer camp can be a daunting task.  All three of my kiddos attend multiple camps throughout the summer. The fourth is too young.

I get it.  We moms worry. It’s our job.  They gave us a worry injection in the hospital.

I’ve also been a counselor at our Christian camp for 9 years. So, not only do I pack my own kiddos, I’ve been there as an adult.

Most moms pack too much. That’s okay. I too, would rather my child be over prepared than under. (Even though I just realized, I sent my daughter for a week of equestrian camp without a hairbrush. EEK!!! Maybe the horses won’t mind.)

In the past, I packed my children in just a regular old rolling suitcase. We never could get everything we needed in just it. So, we would end up with a few other little bags, such as one for towels.

How I Packed Her for Equestrian Camp

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Instead of the suitcase, we used this footlocker . We were totally able to get everything in it. Not only did we pack a riding outfit, but also another outfit in case they change for non-riding time. She also took rubber boots, riding boots, tennis shoes and flip-flops.

Whoop whoop!

I packed each days outfit in  a gallon size storage bag.

You can write on the bag the day of the week they are to wear that outfit. My daughter doesn’t like for me to do that.

I’m being too bossy then, I guess.

I don’t pack undies in this bag because she usually takes her baths at night.

Her toiletries were packed in this handy-dandy caddy. At some camps, campers have to go to a separate bath house and this just makes it easier.

Packing Lists

  • Check the camp website. They often will have packing suggestions.
  • Outfit for each day. (2-3 extras just in case) Each one in a zippered gallon size baggies.
  • toiletries: toothbrush and paste, shampoo and soap.  Oh, don’t forget your bush.
  • Bedding. A lovey.
  • Something to put your dirty clothing in. Whew, be prepared mom, this laundry will be the stinky.
  • Towels and wash clothes
  • Snacks if permitted. Also, we have so many friends who are allergic to nuts. I just don’t send anything with nuts.
  • Special equipment: ball gloves, riding helmets, rubber boots (this is the stuff often listed on the camp website).

I pray often before and daily while my kiddos are gone. I want them to exhibit Christian character, be safe and have fun.

If you have any camp packing tips, please share them in comments.


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