Homeschool Year Wrap-up

We have just wrapped up my 13th year of homeschooling at Clark Academy. Yay! Yipppie! 

We even had our 2 oldest graduate.

Now on to evaluating the previous year, summer camps, college prep, and planning for next year. Come back for posts on all these topics.


We also are in the process of purchasing property in the country.  So lots of de-cluttering, packing and sprucing up our suburban house to sell.  June is going to be one busy month. I’ll be chugging the coffee!





I must admit this has been a daunting year homeschooling.  I can be somewhat of a procastinator and senior year, oh doggie, I should have started earlier with all the prep.

But we survived! And Sydney and Joe both were accepted into their choice of schools. But whew! Yes, should have started earlier.


I have some great High School resources that I can’t wait to share with you. The HomeScholar is one of my absolute favorites.

Next year is going to be much different at our little homeschool. I’ll have a toddler, a 5th grader, 2 college students (we still mentor them)  all in a new environment.


My 5th grader is a bit of a reluctant learner. Motivating her to be excited to learn is my goal and we will be trying some new things and keeping many tried and trues.

Horses are always a good motivator for her.

By July, we plan to be in our new home! And starting our summer school. It’s a lighter schedule, full of unit studies, working on weaker areas and play.

So, here’s how I wrap up a homeschool year.

  • Grab a cup of coffee. Coffee is always good.
  • Plan a celebration. Can be elaborated or not. This year it was Graduation.
  • Review our successes and yes, usually some failures.
  • Start brainstorming how to make next school year better.
  • Start planning next year! Future post!

Well, I hope I’ve been a bit helpful in my ramblings.  Be sure to check out my About Me page! Some cute pics. And I’d love to hear from you!

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