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    Moving to the Country

    We’ve bought a house in the country!! So excited! Crash! Boom! That means moving! Ugh! Even worse moving while homeschooling. We’ve done this before. The weird thing is instead of planning for 3 kiddos’ school work, I only have 1 to plan for this year. And a very energetic busy 1 year old. My oldest 2 graduated this year. (Come back for a homeschool planning post) We kinda homeschool year round. We take off June, it’s usually full of camp fun. Need help on how to pack your kiddo for summer camp? See this post I recently did Pack your kiddo for camp. In July, I’ll start back adding a few…

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    How to Pack Your Kiddo for Summer Camp

    Packing for summer camp can be a daunting task.  All three of my kiddos attend multiple camps throughout the summer. The fourth is too young. I get it.  We moms worry. It’s our job.  They gave us a worry injection in the hospital. I’ve also been a counselor at our Christian camp for 9 years. So, not only do I pack my own kiddos, I’ve been there as an adult. Most moms pack too much. That’s okay. I too, would rather my child be over prepared than under. (Even though I just realized, I sent my daughter for a week of equestrian camp without a hairbrush. EEK!!! Maybe the horses…

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    Homeschool Year Wrap-up

    We have just wrapped up my 13th year of homeschooling at Clark Academy. Yay! Yipppie!  We even had our 2 oldest graduate. Now on to evaluating the previous year, summer camps, college prep, and planning for next year. Come back for posts on all these topics.   We also are in the process of purchasing property in the country.  So lots of de-cluttering, packing and sprucing up our suburban house to sell.  June is going to be one busy month. I’ll be chugging the coffee!         I must admit this has been a daunting year homeschooling.  I can be somewhat of a procastinator and senior year, oh doggie, I should…